CrossFraud Overview


CFS (Cross Fraud Suite) is a useful fraud detection tool for banks, financial institutions, post offices and many other BFSI (banking, financial services, securities and Insurance) organizations.

CFS may be conceived to be the ideal solution in any one of the following business scenarios :

  • As a Fraud Analysis Engine for detecting and tracing frauds in financial transactions.
  • Hybrid technology based AML tool for institutions who want to upgrade from a simple rule based AML tool of the first generation.
  • Fraud Discovery Tool Chest for institutions that want to use BI based dashboards and AI based pattern detectors for conducting digital forensics.

CrossFraud Suite is the ideal solution for all banks and financial institutions which wish to be ready for the new era of risk and fraud management. The Return on investment in the Solution definitely makes CrossFraud the most competitively authored technology of choice for managing suspicious financial transactions.